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Enjoy Let’s Eat Promotion’s Lunch Set at as low as RM10!


Enjoy Jom Iftar Promotions at affordable price!

Valid at participating outlets from 6th May – 4th June 2019



Enjoy lunch set as low as RM10 together with 1 Layered Tea


Select 1 set for your lunch!

Set A Nasi Goreng + Onde – Onde

Set B– Gado – Gado + Spring Roll

Set C- Ayam Penyet Drumstick set


Let’s Eat : Roasted Chicken Rice + Sirup Selasih

Jom Iftar: Complimentary Sirap Selasih with any meal purchased.


Let’s Eat
Set A: Handcrafted Beef Classic( 100g patty)
Set B: Handcrafted Beef Cheezy (100g patty)
Set C: Homemade Classic boneless chicken thigh (120g) ( Grilled or Fried)

+Each set comes with 1 drink

Jom Iftar

Set A : Beef Cheezy set with fries + 1 drink + Free 1 homemade crispy chicken wing (RM19.90)

Set B : Chicken thigh Spicy set with fries + 1 drink + Free 1 homemade crispy chicken wing (RM20.90)

Set C : Lamb Cheezy set with fries + 1 drink + Free 1 homemade crispy chicken wing (RM22.90)

Choices of combo set drinks:
Lemon Tea/ Coke / Milo / White Coffee/ Mineral Water


Let’s Eat
Nasi Campur Ayam + 1 Drink (Teh Tarik, Teh O or Syrup) at only RM10

Jom Iftar

Enjoy 10% off on your meal


Let’s Eat
Any Kebab (Chicken, Beef or Mix) + Drink (Mineral water or canned soft drink) for only RM10


Let’s Eat
Buy any Cheezy Wrap with drinks at only RM9.90

Jom Iftar

  • Buy any cheezy with drinks at RM9.90
  • 2 Nutella Crepe at RM16


Let’s Eat
Enjoy Subway Lunch Set as low as RM10.90! Visit Subway outlet for more info


Let’s Eat
Set 1 : 4x Bowl of noodles + 1x blue butterfly / Roselle Tea
Set 2: 1x Soi Polo Chicken Rice


Let’s Eat
Lunch Set as low as RM10.90

Set A: Roasted Chicken/ Kabsah Chicken with Rice + Salad + Drink
Set B: Macaroni / Spaghetti with + Salad +Drink
Set C: Mandi Chicken with Rice + Salad + Drink


Let’s Eat
Set 1. Kitsune Udon
Set 2. Curry Udon
Set 3. Classic Ramen
Set 4. Wakame Ramen
Set 5. Chicken Teriyaki Rice
Set 6. Nikku Chicken Rice
+ Each meal comes with Green Tea

Jom Iftar
Ala-carte set menu buy 4 set FREE 1 set


Let’s Eat : Enjoy Belgian Chocolate Waffle at only RM10!

Jom Iftar: Get 30% off on selected items



|This Promotions are only valid at participating outlets |

|Let’s Eat Promotion are only valid from 12 Noon – 3pm |

|Jom Iftar Promotions are only valid from 7pm – 9pm|

|Kindly refer in store for more details on promotions |
|Promotions are subject to changes without prior notice|