Garlic Butter SubMelts

Welcome the Year of the Dragon with our Garlic Butter SubMelts! Experience the 'ong' in every bite with our flavorful offerings that promise good fortune and prosperity. Embrace the season's richness with our melted cheese and let the festivities overflow!
Let abundance overflow with your choice of Garlic Butter SubMelts protein:
Spicy Mayo Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Beef & Chick Slices
Roasted Chicken

Visit Subway at Level 4!

*T&C Apply.
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6 Feb - 18 Feb 2024
-2 Days Left
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Sub of the Day hanya RM9.95!

Feast on flavours so fresh, confirm no regrets
Everyday SubSaver - Sub of the Day hanya RM9.95!
Jumpa di Subway, Level 4
Monday - Chicken Teriyaki
Tuesday - Roasted Chicken
Wednesday - Chicken Slice
Thursday - Tuna
Friday - Egg Mayo
Saturday - Seafood Sensation
Sunday - BBQ Chicken
*T&C Apply.
#SubwayMY#EverydaySubSaver #SuboftheDay #JomMakanSubway

1 Feb - 31 Mar 2024
39 Days Left
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Fortune Meals

Visit SUBWAY for abundant flavours and experience their NEW Garlic Butter Submelts - Spicy Mayo Chicken, BBQ Chicken Fortune Meals and Red Fortune Cookie for good fortune and joy. Get it now at Subway located at Level 4 today!

17 Jan - 5 Mar 2024
13 Days Left
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