HWC Coffee is now Hala Certified!

HWC Coffee Malaysia Receives HALAL Certification

We are delighted to announce that HWC Coffee Malaysia has been officially granted HALAL certification by JAKIM, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department. This significant achievement is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional coffee experiences to all customers, regardless of their religious beliefs.

This occasion marks not only the culmination of an incredible journey but also the beginning of a new chapter for HWC Coffee as we continue to evolve into a brand that embodies excellence and unity.

Please visit HWC Coffee website or social media pages to learn more about our HALAL certification and our commitment to providing exceptional coffee experiences to all customers.

Find out more at https://hwccoffee.my/news/lastest/hwchalalcertified

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23 Aug - 22 Sep 2023
-2 Days Left
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HWC Moonlight Shine

Celebrate Mid-Autumn with HWC Coffee's Moonlight Shine Gift Box
This limited-edition gift box is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. It's filled with a mix of five different HWC Classic Series Drip Bag Coffee flavours, as well as three delicious Yu-Ai 友爱 HWC mooncakes. The gift box is beautifully packaged and comes with free delivery within West Malaysia.
Order yours today https://tinyurl.com/moonlightshine and let the festivities begin!.
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9 Aug - 30 Sep 2023
5 Days Left
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