Salsa Fiesta

Our HOT STUFF is here, and it's a flavour explosion like no other! Imagine the tantalizing blend of parsley, garlic, chili, and fresh herbs - that's our Green Salsa! 🌿🌢️

Introducing the stars of the show:
🍝 Green Salsa Chicken & Pasta Meal: A saucy, spicy symphony
🍲 Green Salsa Chicken & Soup Meal: A bowlful of zesty goodness
🌱 Green Salsa Meatless Cutlet Rice Meal: A meat-free masterpiece

So tunggu apa lagi, jom singgah KRR Restaurant! It's a Salsa Fiesta at KRR, and the fun has just begun! πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒ

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23 Oct - 22 Nov 2023
-5 Days Left
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